English Language Development Services

American English TEFL has everything you need to know to guide your students to fluency using equitable teaching pedagogy. 

I took everything that I learned teaching in International and multicultural environments over the past 5 years that allowed me to develop the confidence to speak in my native non-standard dialect of English, unpack my internalized linguistic inferiority complex, and advocate for myself and my students, and compiled it into culturally responsive teaching strategies, the same strategies that I use in my classroom. Then I put it all into my advocacy-based TEFL certification program to give non-native/non-standard English speaking teachers the blueprint for helping their students become confident and fluent English speakers while combating language discrimination globally.


Learn the exact tools and strategies that I use to bring culturally responsive teaching into my classroom to support my students in reaching their English Langauge goals!

Want to teach English in an English-speaking country or anywhere in the world?

Love language, culture, and traveling?

Enjoy being a part of cosmopolitan multicultural communities?

Need a TEFL certification?

want to learn how you can combat linguistic discrimination that disproportionately harms the career and educational opportunities of non-native and non-standard English speakers?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above then the American English TEFL program is for you!

Do you....


"Knowing English and teaching skills are two different skill sets. Before you blame your students for not being diligent students, ask yourself what have you done to motivate them to be? "

Getting TEFL Certified

The job of an ESL teacher is to help your students develop their English language skills in 4 domains: reading, writing, speaking, listening. Many people believe that it is enough to be able to speak the language in order to teach it, however, being knowledgeable in a subject does not necessarily translate into being skilled in teaching it.


Teaching is a separate skill-set from having English language content knowledge. For example, you may have had a math teacher who was really good at math, but not great at teaching it, and therefore you didn't learn much from them, and probably became convinced you were bad at math, only to later find an excellent math teacher who explains the concepts so well that you're suddenly solving math problems that you never dreamed of being able to solve. That is because the former math teacher may have had great math content knowledge, but poor teaching skills, while the latter math teacher not only had math content knowledge, but they were also a skilled teacher. 


Whether it is your goal to teach English in the USA, another country, or online globally, it is a great idea to get some form of teacher training. Due to an increase of interest in teaching abroad, many employeers require their ESL teachers to have at minimum a Tefl certification. If you are a paraprofessional who works with ESL populations, having a Tefl certification can set you apart from other job seekers, and prepare you for the demographic that you are working with at an affordable cost.  If you aren't ready to commit to the cost and years of education necessary to obtain a University degree in teaching, obtaining a Tefl certification offers a perfect way to get your toes wet in the teaching field before taking the deep dive.


No matter what your reason is for getting into ESL teaching, the American English TEFL program's Tefl certification is a great way to show employers and potential clients that you've got the skills you will need to help your students reach their English language goals. 


How is American English TEFL Certification different from others?

What sets American English TEFL certification apart from other Tefl certifications is the emphasis placed on advocacy. It is our mission to change negative perceptions of language variety globally in order to combat linguistic discrimination. Through our advocacy, we seek to improve job opportunities for non-native speaking ESL teachers, and help English learners learn to love and embrace their dialect of English. In this course you will be taught how to use social-emotional-learning to develop culturally responsive teaching strategies and practices bringing equity into your classroom.

Tefl Certification Course

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Discover the strategies and knowledge I gained to advocate for myself in order to secure career opportunities and to help other non-standard/non-native English speaking teachers do the same!

This program gives you the knowledge you need to help your students gain confidence in your English language abilities.

Plus, it includes a practicum teaching in American schools with ESL populations to ensure you get the experience and practice you need to become a knowledgable Tefl teacher.  

Through this course, you will learn to see language and culture in the way that I have learned to see it after 6 years of working in international/multicultural environments and bring that awareness into your own classroom to coach your linguistically diverse students to success.

Using these strategies I've been able to:

Accomplish my dreadm of living in a foreign country.

Advocate for my dialectical language usage in the classroom.

Made friends from all over the world, from different cultures and languages.

Created a classroom environment that is a safe space for students of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. 

Are you ready to begin your career teaching English as a second language?



Keshwand Kuniyal

You are amazing teacher, you have this kind of Skills But many people Just show off their Instagram bio but Literally they do not Speak English too but you are the one who can speak and write it you are doing great job  I pray for god your promotions in school.


Babita Shukla

I would really like to thank you for your continuous efforts of teaching for your followers and students. You are so dedicated to your work just because of your this attitude I never avoid your any post and topic because you do all this to teach us something. You techniques of teaching are so interesting whatever it is your post, group chat, topics of the day, your stories with all this techniques a busy person can continue learning with you, this is the best part of your teaching thank. 


Martina Marampon

you are a great teacher, patient and supportive. Your energy is helpful to work do always better than before.

There is an atmosphere of friendship, more than the relationship teacher/student as could be at school or in other classrooms.

And as the theory says: people learn better when they forget they are studying, you are doing so because that learning seems a sort of "game". You are doing very well!

So thank you for your great job!


Harshita Pursnani

I just love this way of teaching it's so cool and easy going in this way everyone can learn certain new things and praticse grammar and writing skills as well love this way as we become more aware of ourselves also because of the topic you choose.


Carmen Monasterios

I found the right person in my journey to becoming in a fluent english speaker. Thank you Tea, for your tips and great stile of education.

Roleplay and feedback give her system be unique.

I hope it works for you!